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Shipping & Returns

We offer standard delivery in France and abroad.
This type of delivery with tracking is done by the Colissimo service of the Post.
In case of difficulties, please contact Colissimo customer service. Otherwise, you can reach us by email at



We accept American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, via Paypal.
If you have paid by debit, credit or payment card, you will only be charged once the goods have been shipped to the delivery address. We will send you an e-mail confirming the shipment.
Please visit for payment information via Paypal.
The prices listed on our website include VAT (or any other similar sales tax) at the current rate for which we are held responsible as a seller. The amount you pay will be the price shown plus shipping. The shipping costs will depend on the delivery option you have chosen and will be indicated during the payment process.
We charge your order in EUROS. The actual price charged to customers outside the European Monetary Union will be subject to the exchange rate applied by their credit or debit card company. There are no customs / import charges on the movement of goods within the European Union. It is therefore unlikely that customs / import duties will appear on your order if you are a customer of the European Union. However, if any customs duties are due, you will be required to pay them.

All credit / debit card holders are subject to validity and authorization checks by the card issuer. If the credit card issuer refuses or does not authorize payment for any reason, you will be notified immediately at the time of the checkout process.
By taking charge of your request for goods or services, we may use your information for fraud prevention and detection purposes. One of the reasons we may need to disclose your address and postal code is to check against the IMRG Security Alert or any other fraud prevention program. When we disclose your information, it stays safe at all times. If you believe that your information is incorrect, you can correct it by following the procedure in our privacy policy.


Right to retract
In the sense of consumer protection standards, you can cancel the contract signed with HAYARI PARIS, without any penalty and without obligation to justify the reasons within 14 days from the date of receipt of the items purchased on In the sense of consumer protection standards, you can exercise your right of withdrawal by sending a letter of cancellation of purchase on the internet by mail.
The products you want to return must imperatively be returned within 14 days of the date on which you have communicated HAYARI PARIS your desire to exercise your right of withdrawal. Products can be returned by sending the package. It will be possible in certain specific cases to exchange the chosen article against another. In the sense of consumer protection standards, the right of withdrawal is not applicable for the purchase of custom-made or personalized items, sealed items that can not be returned for hygiene reasons or related aspects. to health protection or which have been opened after delivery, such as items belonging to the category "Perfumes" whose sealed packaging has been opened.
I. Conditions of exercise of the Right of Retraction in the sense of consumer protection standards The Right of Retraction is considered correctly applied in the case where the following conditions are fully respected:
1. you send a letter in which you expressly express your desire to cancel your online purchase. The following conditions must be met: 2. the products must not have been worn, worn, modified, washed or damaged; 3. The refund label must still be attached to the product 4. the products must be returned whole and not used in their original packaging (the packaging must be sealed as originally) 5. the returned products must be sent to HAYARI PARIS in a single expedition (The opposite case HAYARI PARIS reserves, in fact, the right not to accept articles) 6. returned products must be returned within 14 (fourteen) days of the date on which you exercise your right of withdrawal. If you have met all the requirements, in the sense of consumer protection standards HAYARI PARIS will refund the price of products purchased and returned, only the direct costs of returning the goods remain your responsibility. You will have to pay the return costs directly to the carrier you have chosen. You will be contacted again if your return can not be accepted because it does not comply with the conditions indicated above. In this case, you will be able to choose to get the products purchased at your expense again. In the absence of such a request, HAYARI PARIS will be able to keep the products, in addition to the sums already paid for their acquisition.
II. Deadlines and repayment terms In the sense of consumer protection standards, only once HAYARI PARIS has received and will have ensured compliance with the required conditions, you will receive an email to confirm acceptance of the return of products, HAYARI PARIS will then refund you in full. However, in case of depreciation of returned products, you will receive an email informing you of the amount deducted corresponding to the discount of the refund. Whatever the means of payment you have used (credit / debit card, cash on delivery), the refund is activated by HAYARI PARIS as soon as possible, at the latest within 14 days of receipt by HAYARI PARIS proof of the shipment of the products provided that the exercise of this right meets all the conditions indicated herein. The actual credit or refund period depends on the payment terms used: - purchase by credit / debit card: the repayment period depends on the bank that issued the credit / debit card. We remind you that the date of the new credit (which is equivalent to the refund) will be the same as the debit date. - purchase through PayPal: the refund on your PayPal account will be immediately visible. The actual refund on the credit card of your PayPal account depends on the credit card company. - cash payment on delivery: the refund is made on the current account that you have indicated. The repayment term therefore depends on the accuracy of the data you indicate and the credit institution of your account. If it is a gift, the refund will be made to the person who made the payment. If you do not want the returned products to be remIf it is a gift, the refund will be made to the person who made the payment. If you do not want the returned products to be refunded to your credit or debit card, PayPal account or bank account, you can get a credit on purchases made on The amount of the Credit will be equal to the amount of the refund. The amount of the refund will be credited to the acceptance by HAYARI PARIS of the items returned by you. Upon the issuance of your Credit, you will receive an email confirming the amount of your credit. The Avoir may be used in whole or in part for purchases on depending on the value of the order and until the credit is exhausted, provided that the credit online is used within 12 months from the date of issue of the Credit. If, at any time during this 12-month period, you decide to obtain a refund on your PayPal account or bank account, you may contact our Customer Service indicating the number of your Credit, and we will credit your PayPal account. or your bank account the amount of the refund. However, if the 12-month period expires without you making a purchase with your Voucher, you will lose the full amount of the Valuation Amount.
III. Product exchange conditions In certain specific cases, duly reported by email to our Customer Service Department, you may choose to exchange the purchased products with other products, instead of obtaining a refund of the price of the products. The exchange request shall be made within the following limits: 1. Only the products purchased and for which the Exchange Agreement is expressly approved by HAYARI PARIS will be exchanged; 2. You may request the exchange of one or more of the purchased products only with items of the same model, of the same reference. In all cases, the options available for the exchange will be indicated by HAYARI PARIS; c. You may request the exchange of one or more of the products purchased within a maximum of seven (14) days from the date of receipt, by sending an e-mail to HAYARI PARIS within the aforementioned period. The products to be exchanged must be sent within seven (14) days from the date of receipt; 3. Only one exchange request can be made per purchased product; 4. the products for which you request an exchange must be returned to HAYARI PARIS in their original packaging, not used, worn, washed or damaged and the identification label must be attached with the single-use seal; 5. The products to be exchanged and forming part of the same order must be sent to HAYARI PARIS at one time. HAYARI PARIS reserves the right not to accept products belonging to one and the same order, returned to be replaced at different times.
If all the conditions listed above are correctly respected, once your exchange request has been sent by email to HAYARI PARIS, it will take care of the exchange request by sending you an email from confirmation to this effect. HAYARI PARIS will contact you if your exchange request can not be processed because it does not comply with the conditions for the exchange of products. In this case, you may choose to recover at your own expense the items you wish to change or request the refund of said items, under the terms and conditions of repayment indicated above.
IV. Deadlines and terms for obtaining the exchange of products Once HAYARI PARIS has received the products you want to exchange and checked that all conditions previously outlined have been met, HAYARI PARIS will check the actual availability of the products you have selected . If the product (s) selected to be replaced is (are) no longer available, HAYARI PARIS will not be able to honor your exchange request and will therefore refund the amount equivalent to ( x) product (s) that you originally purchased and are not replaceable within the meaning of the consumer protection standards and in accordance with the repayment terms set out above. If the item (s) selected to be replaced is (are) available, HAYARI PARIS will be able to honor your exchange request and will confirm by email the actual shipment of the replaced products. In this case, the delivery will occur within thirty (30) days from the date on which HAYARI PARIS took note of your request for exchange, after verification that said exchange was made in accordance with previously established conditions. Shipping costs for the replaced products will be at the charge of HAYARI PARIS, to whom will return the choice of the carrier. In the event that the price of the product purchased is lower or higher than the price of the item selected for the exchange, no refund and , or additional charge will be applied to you in respect of the price difference. The product (s) replaced may be subject to further exchange under the conditions detailed above.
V. Product identification label We remind you that in the sense of the norms of protection of the consumer, your responsibility is committed only with respect to the depreciation of the products returned to the Supplier, resulting from manipulations other than those necessary to establish the nature, the characteristics and the operation of the product.
VI. Return of Products You must personally pay the cost of return and liability in case of loss or damage to products during transport will be your responsibility.